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Velká agresivita samců. Vůči jiným rybám než cichlidám jsou agresivní a pokud je přerostou, tak je časem zabijí. Die Welt der Mbunas mit dem Chindongo socolfi "vorher als Pseudotropheus socolofi" bekannt, im Malawisee Fischverzeichnis.Dazu etliche Tipps und Tricks und worauf man besonders achten sollte bei diesem Mbuna im Aquarium. Pyszczak niebieski - Pseudotropheus socolofi - Akwarium Dla haremu samca i 3-4 samic niezbędne jest akwarium o długości min. 100 cm i szerokości 40 cm, z piaszczystym podłożem i dekoracją skalną, z licznymi jaskiniami i szczelinami. 24/01/32 · Hi, I recently got an albino Pseudotropheus Socolofi and it killed my angels, and so now all I have is one albino. Should I get a tank mate for it? If so then which one? I had one earlier which coexisted peacefully with others like tetras and swordtails but this one is very aggressive. Also. Habitat: This is the primary location where the cichlid is found and is a generalization. This does not mean a fish cannot be found in other habitats. Diet: Many cichlids specialize in eating one type of food; notwithstanding, some of these specialized feeders are flexible and can be opportunistic feeders. Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tankmates that.

05/02/39 · Ryby moje były trzymane w zbiorniku ogólnym z Pseudotropheus demasoni, Labeotropheus trewavasae. Socolofi to osobniki które żyły w dość dobrej harmonii z innymi gatunkami, nie zaobserwowałem zaciętych ataków, które to kończyły by się mocnymi poturbowaniami innych ryb. Der Eisblaue Maulbrüter Chindongo socolofi, Syn.: Pseudotropheus socolofi ist ein in dem ostafrikanischen Malawisee endemischer Buntbarsch aus der Gruppe der Mbuna. Er wurde erst Anfang der 1970er Jahre beschrieben. Merkmale. Der Eisblaue Maulbrüter ist ein in der Jugend schlanker und langgestreckter, adult jedoch recht hochrückiger.

Pseudotropheus socolofi: Pseudotropheus socolofi is one of those African cichlids that justify the characterization "the most colorful freshwater fish" which is given to mbuna. A powder blue which is the same for both sexes is the characteristic of this species.. The "Snow White" Socolofi is the albino form of the black and blue Pseudotropheus socolofi.It has a pure white body with pale blue iridescence and most often has bright red eyes. 07/01/40 · Pseudotropheus socolofi présente un corps élevé, légèrement comprimé latéralement. Sa coloration générale est bleu ciel. Les nageoires sont bleues bordées de brun et. Pseudotropheus socolofi, der Eisblaue Maulbrueter, ist ein in dem ostafrikanischen Malawisee endemischer Buntbarsch aus der Gruppe der Mbunas. Er wurde erst Anfang der 1970er Jahre entdeckt. Pseudotropheus socolofi ist ein in der Jugend schlanker und langgestreckter, spaeter jedoch recht hochrueckiger Buntbarsch. Nombre común: "Eduardi", "Pseudotropheus pindani", "Pseudotropheus eduardoi". Se cree que esta especie ha surgido en el propio lago Malawi a partir de hibridaciones de otras especies, estas fueron trasladadas desde otros arrecifes con el fin de tenerlas más cerca para realizar las exportaciones.

Ruinemans Aquarium maakt gebruik van cookies om de functionaliteit en uw gebruikservaring te verbeteren. Indien u voortgaat geld dit als stilzwijgend akkoord dat er cookies toegepast worden. Chindongo socolofi Albino Snow - Beyaz Prenses üremesi, beslenmesi, su değerleri ve davranışı ile ilgili bilgiler. See more Pseudotropheus Socolofi Albino Malawi Cichlid. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. Watch this item People who viewed this item also viewed. view aquarium photos of the albino socolofi pseudotropheus socolofi albino.

  1. Le pseudotropheus socolofi est un poisson territorial, il ne quitte cependant pas son territoire. En aquarium communautaire, il peut être associé avec dautres Cichlidés territoriaux mais non agressifs à condition doffrir suffisamment de place pour les territoires des différentes espèces. Le pseudotropheus socolofi est végétarien.
  2. Snow White Cichlid Care Guide with Pictures, Video's & Tank Set-up. Snow White Cichlid is the Albino form of Socolofi, its also called Albino Pindani. This Lake Malawi Cichlid would be great addition to African Cichlid Community Aquarium. Learn their requirements & how to care for these fish at aquakri.
  3. This beautiful albino African cichlid is mildly aggressive so be sure to check out our compatibility chart. It does well in at least a 30-gallon tank and has a life expectancy of up to five years. Purchase this fish today!. Scientific Name: Pseudotropheus socolofi Albino.
  4. Socolofi have been very popular amongst hobbyists. Socolofi should be housed in a densely rocky tank. The more caves and hideouts there are the more active they tend to be. Socolofi are an herbivore cichlid, so a diet consisting of a lot of plant matter is a must. We suggest a spirulina based flake to keep this fish happy and healthy.
  1. Pseudotropheus socolofi Albino, Rock Dwelling Mbuna, White Zombie Cichlid. Excellent beginner Mbuna Cichlid! These albino cichlids are great for eating algae when other algae eaters cannot be used in a cichlid tank. They’re non territorial & mostly passive. Socolofi is an omnivorous fish.
  2. pseudotropheus socolofi albinoherkomst: Malawimax.grootte: 12 cm man 8 cm Vrouwtempratuur: 22-26ph: 7.5-8.5Door zijn vriendelijke karakter zijn ze zeer populair bij de hobbyisten.Opvallend genoeg zijn de mannen en vrouwen gelijk gekleurd.Ze hebben een helder lichtblauwe kleur met daarop 9 à 10 verticale zwarte banden.Bij sommige exemplaren zijn ook vaag wat horizontale strepen te.
  3. Nous invitons chacun à vérifier, améliorer et compléter la fiche pseudotropheus socolofi. Merci pour votre aide. Description Editer. Il possède sur la dorsale une bande submarginale noire s'il provient des régions de Mara Point et de Tumbi Point. Les individus des populations de Cobuè et.

Der Eisblaue Maulbrüter - Pseudotropheus socolofi. Der Eisblaue Maulbrüter, ein Vertreter der Mbuna-Felcichliden, kommt an der Ostküste des Malwisees auf Höhe der Insel Likoma vor, wo er im Übergangsbereich vom Fels- zum Sandlitoral lebt und auf dem. 02/05/41 · Albino Pseudotropheus socolofi, Mbuna Malawi African Cichlid. Common fish that is not alway common to find. Good quality raised here by a Florida fish farmer. If you buy a four fish colony, you will get one Guaranteed Male and we will do our best to get you three females. If you buy a six fish colony, you will get one-two males and the rest.

eBay Kleinanzeigen: Pseudotropheus Socolofi, eBay Kleinanzeigen: über 52.000 Haustiere - Welpen, Hunde, Katzen, Pferde, Vögel, Tierbetreuung, Reitbeteiligung und. The name mbuna means "rockfish" in the language of the Tonga People of Malawi. As the name implies, most mbuna are cichlids that live among the piles of rocks and along the rocky shores of Lake Malawi, as opposed to other Haplochromide cichlids that live in the open water or on sandy shores or soft substrates. Il Pseudotropheus Socolofi occupa le zone intermedie tra roccia e sabbia in acque relativamente poco profonde rimanendo comunque a stretto contatto con le rocce. Questo ciclide lo si può trovare in prossimità delle coste del Mozambico tra le località di Cobue e Tumbi point, tra le varie popolazioni esistono differenze cromatiche che. Malavio ežero cichlidas, gyvenantis tarp akmenų. Valgo dumblius. Užauga iki 15cm dydžio. Šiek tiek agresyvūs, gina savo teritoriją. Taip pat vadinami Snow white Cichlid, Albino Cichlid, Albino Socolofi, Albino Malawi Cichlid, Albino Mbuna, White Morph, Albino Pindani. Maitininkite augalinės kilmės maistu- granulėmis, dribsniais, dubliu tabletėmis, įvairiomis daržovėmis- salotomis. Albino Socolofi Pseudotropheus socolofi. Imperial Tropicals is a family-owned fish farm located in Lakeland, Florida, USA. Since we began breeding fish in 1970, we have grown to produce and ship hundreds of species of tropical freshwater fish and invertebrates. We are proud to offer our livestock directly to the hobbyist.

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